Ways to say YES in English

Le 10 mai 2021

How many ways to say YES do you know in English? Here are some good examples! 

« Do you have a cat? »

  • Yep
  • Yeah
  • Yup

« Are you going to the gig tomorrow night? »

  • For sure!
  • You bet!

« Are you interested in working with our company? »

  • Definitely!

« Can you give me a ride? »

  • Sure
  • I’d be happy to

« Can you put me in touch with the new Director? »

  • Of course
  • Certainly

« Want to join us for coffee? »

  • I’d love to!

« Can I have another piece of cake? »

  • Please, help yourself.

« Should we order some sushis tonight? »

  • Why not?

« It’s raining. Are you going to cancel your riding lesson? »

  • I guess so.

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